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"Why do I dance?  For years, I've been enjoying it -- studying Middle Eastern dance (Turkish style), Rom dance (Indian, Turkish, and Spanish), Central Asian dance, Persian dance, and Flamenco -- but I've rarely thought about the why.  Then I remembered the day my dance changed.  Someone had turned a switch on inside me.  It was the first time I ever saw an Uzbek dancer.  She was so full of grace and elegance, with gestures and facial expressions so beautiful and subtle that to compare her to a flower would be too coarse and crude.  Not only was she so delicate (and yet full of restrained strength), she spoke about every emotion without ever saying a word; I understood her without a need for translation. Joys, worries, and sorrows know no cultural boundaries. We are bonded by those commonalities. Dance, for me, strengthens those bonds of our humanity, celebrating it, validating it. I never learned that dancer's name, but in a sense, she is every dancer that has ever danced."