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JT teaches American Tribal Style® Bellydance

  A great article describing ATS® can be found on Fat Chance Bellydance's page:

ITS stands for Improvisational Tribal Style which is based on the format as ATS except some of the vocabulary breaks away from ATS. Dancers who dance ITS take creative license making their own moves in an improvisational format.

JT's classes will start with ATS vocabulary and format and will eventually move into ITS as the dancer progresses. Any potential student may start at any time, please wear comfortable clothes. Zills or finger cymbals are taught from the start, loaners available at the studio.


Check the Workshop page for times and dates for JT's workshops at Sterling Yoga in Dormont, PA.

~Beginner 1 classes
ATS/ITS Improvisational Tribal Style 
Basics 1 Learning dance improv vocabulary, intro to zills
This is a great class for all ages and body types! This class focuses on learning beginning ATS vocabulary and format.
- No experience neccesary
- Mondays 6 pm - 7 pm

- zills  (finger cymbals) required
 *loaners are available at studio during class time

~Beginner 2 classes
ATS/ITS Improvisational Tribal Style
Basics 2 Expanding dance improv vocabulary, introduction to leading and dancing from chorus line.
- Invitation only
  **This class is for students who have leveled up from Beginner 1
- Mondays 8pm- 9:00 pm- zills (finger cymbals) required

- $12 drop-in
- 8 Class package $75
- 4 Class package $40

Class Packages

To register for ATS/ITS Improvisational Tribal Style classes, contact JT at 412-521-2696 or email

Private lessons available upon request.

Private lessons available by Safa