Songs from "Yunzradi Taraq Anat"

  1. Moorish Dance - This piece is a reconstructed piece of music from period Spain. It's probably a result of the clash of European and Arabic/Islamic culture in Moorish Spain. This arrangement is adapted from good friends of ours off their self-titled CD ("La Notte" - It has a mix of period European and Arabic influence European music. You should try to find it if you like this song.)

  2. Rompi Rompi- is an old traditional Turkish song.  Outside of Turkey it is the best known song with the 9-beat karsilama rhythm.

  3. Makedonsko Devojche- is a popular piece of dance music from the Balkans. Sung in Macedonian, it describes the beauty of a Macedonian woman. A traditional line dance called a "les noto" is often done to this song.

  4. Panihari - is our version of a Rajasthani (Northern India) song that we arranged after listening to a field recording of a traditional song recorded in Rajasthan. Panihari means "water carrier". There is a folk tale about a water carrier who after being shocked by a man who compliments her at the water hole, tells her mother the incident, only to discover she is to be married to that same man.

  5. Erev Shel Shoshanim - This melody is used for both a Hebrew song ("Evening of Roses") and an Armenian song called "Yarus".

  6. Guedra Chant - The guedra is a tribal dance done by the Tuareg of Morocco.  It is traditionally done to a simple drum rhythm and chanting.  The dance is a "trance" dance, meant to raise an altered state of consciousness and generate spiritual energy.  The chants are overlapping bits of spiritual sayings and prayers.

  7. Uskudara - is a traditional Turkish song about a train ride to the city of Uskudara.  It is sometimes called "Katibimin" also it is sung in Arabic under
    the title "Ya Banat Iskandaria (The Girls of Alexandria)".  Like many pieces of Turkish and Greek music there is a similar, Greek version of this Turkish tune.

  8. Bir Demet Jasamin - ("A bouquet of jasmine") is another old Turkish song about being parted from one's love. "A bouquet of Jasmine is the only reminder of my love."

  9. Laz - This piece is done to a line dance rhythm common in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

  10. Ikariatikos - is our medley arrangement of a couple of traditional Greek melodies.